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Next program starts April 2016

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InspireHealth’s LIFE Webinar Series is a cancer care education program that you can access online from anywhere in Canada, including at your home or office. Four live sessions are provided in a convenient online format in which you can ask questions to a health practitioner.

Recordings are sent out within 24 hours of each session so you can watch at your leisure.

Through this program you learn powerful ways to prevent cancer, alleviate symptoms of cancer treatment, reduce the likelihood of recurrence, and optimize your body’s healing potential.


This program is open to anyone who is eager to take an active role in their own health and well-being. This program is right for you if:

        • you have received a cancer diagnosis, recent or past, or
        • you are supporting someone with cancer, or
        • you are interested in cancer prevention.

You will need a high-speed internet connection to participate.

Part 1:  Foundations of Healing   April 5,  2016

Learn an optimal integrative cancer care approach to engage the mind, body, spirit and immune system and create a solid foundation for health and healing.

  • How current research on the immune system is reshaping our understanding of cancer.
  • The role chronic inflammation plays in cancer development.
  • The 11 characteristics associated with people who have had remarkable recoveries from advanced cancer.
  • The role of stress reduction and the mind-body connection in cancer care.
  • How lifestyle choices affect recovery, reduce the risk of recurrence, and improve quality of life.
  • The importance of psycho-social support and spiritual connection.
  • Part 2:  Nutrition - Inspired to Eat Healthy  April 12, 2016

    This module will teach you the key areas for nutritional change to enhance your health. Even small changes to your diet help to optimize your body's healing potential. Learn:

    • What has happened to food? Talking through the change in our food sources and how this has affected our health.
    • What is the role of food in our body and why it really is important to pay attention to what we eat? Returning to the concept of food as medicine.
    • What makes a healing diet for you as an individual? A look at the most potent anti-cancer foods to include in your diet.
    • The importance of hydration - the whys, when, how, and whats.
    • The significance of how we eat - what types of foods to put together, the mental/emotional state of eating, the timing throughout the day, etc.

Part 3: Self-care and Support   April 19, 2016

This dynamic webinar explores ways of discovering deeper levels of awareness, strategies to manage stress and how we can support authentic, healthy communication.

  • The importance of being kind to yourself
  • The benefits of reducing stress and ways to do it
  • Acknowledging the value of your inner experience and how it can impact behaviour
  • Healthy and effective communication
  • Part 4:  Physical Activity - Inspired to Move   April 26, 2016

    Understand how exercise can help prevent cancer, reduce side effects and enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatments. You’ll learn how simple and intentional movement helps you feel better and contributes to your health and well-being.

    • The benefits of physical activity and exercise
    • What types of activities are best
    • How much to exercise, how often and how intense
    • The importance of strength training
    • How to move through personal barriers to becoming physically active.
    • How to stay motivated and have fun!
    The role of social connection in health and benefits of social support


Additional Benefits of Attending our LIFE Webinar Series

The following services are also included:

  • Access to video recordings of all 5 sessions
  • Weekly online meditation class
  • Monthly “Hot Topic” nutrition webinars

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