InspireLIFE BC – Our Virtual Centre

In 2011, we launched our innovative virtual centre - InspireLIFE BC. This first of its kind program was created and designed to enable people access to medical guidance, classes and programs online, as well as to offer an outreach component to remote and rural communities. This unique initiative physically brings our signature LIFE Program and the opportunity for membership, to remote and rural communities that indicate an interest in having our team visit. Dr. Paul Paddon, PhD has been spearheading the program, and InspireLIFE BC physician, Dr. Judy Tang.

This program is designed to engage patients and their families in their own health for a better quality of life and recovery, and improved disease outcomes.

Online Programs

InspireHealth ONLINE is a new integrative cancer care program that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. This program provides care and support in a way that is convenient for you through online webinars and “virtual visits”, removing the need to travel to a major centre to receive services.

As well, we offer a number of online classes and programs for our members and the public.


Our team of health practioners has visited many communities already! If you are interested in the InspireLIFE BC team bringing the LIFE Program and information on integrative cancer care and preventative healthcare to your community, please contact Paul Paddon, or call 1.888.734.7125

Click here to find out more about membership and our LIFE Program or how to get started.